502 Manifesto

Maybe you’ve never worked with an agency. Maybe you’ve been burned by one.
Maybe you are worried that your project is too big for us. Or too small.
Maybe you are worried about life with an agency. Maybe you’re worried about life without.

We have worked with others just like you. 

We believe in service. We believe in good work. At 502, we believe in values that improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

We believe our best work comes from our best selves.

We cannot guarantee you will love us (though many do) or that your project will be void of challenges.

We can guarantee this:

We will do business by our values and if you believe what we believe, there is a place for you here at 502.

1. Be Irrationally Generous

Lead the way with irrational generosity. 

Truly believe that it is better to give than to receive.

2. Own It

A commitment of the head, heart and hands to fix the problem and never affix the blame.

3. Make It Better

Solve problems, challenge solutions, compete against yesterday.

4. Work As A Team

Our work is better when it is the result of collaboration.
Never be too proud to ask for help or too busy to offer it.

5. Establish Clarity

Seek and provide clear understanding.
Clarity is kindness.

Be Respectful. You might not always agree with everyone but everyone always deserves respect.

7. Stay Fit

Our personal lives come to work with us. The more responsibility you have in an organization, the more important it is for you to stay fit - mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, and relationally.