A Tool For Bringing Communities Together

This simple tool brings together local business leaders, community foundations, nonprofit organizations and community citizens to create community-based solutions in response to economic disruption. 

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What we offer.

There is nothing proprietary about this idea, nor the platforms we are using to bring it together. Any community may develop an eCommerce platform, form local relationships, determine the proper workflows, and develop a marketing campaign to engage the business community, the media and the citizens of your local area. What we are offering is an expedited path with documented processes/protocols, and the consulting and coaching to get your community’s program up to speed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Does it work?

The success of your community’s program will be dependent on your ability to promote the message. In our hometown community of Manhattan, Kansas, we saw the community come together and generate over $100,000 of sales in just around 100 hours. If promoted correctly and your community buys in, this program can make a big difference in your local market.

How to get started

This pandemic is causing extreme economic disruption across all industries. Pulling a program like this together takes dedication, commitment and fast action. We recommend having partners in mind for funding and operational support before reaching out. Additionally, you and your partners will need to consider the eligibility requirements for the participating businesses (industry, employee count, location, etc) as well as the requirements for food/financial assistance. Our team would be happy to help talk through these conversations with you and your stakeholders to help determine the feasibility of quickly implementing a program like this in your community.

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