Complex Process? Explain It!

Complex process? Explain it!

We work with a variety of industries.

We have a healthy array of partners in retail, distribution, healthcare, B2B, finance, government, education and more.  All of these partners have very different products, services or offerings which they are trying to communicate to their target audience.

Some, more complex than others. 

Let’s take the Riley County Appraisers Office for instance. A few months back they approached us with some serious challenges. You see, the average homeowner doesn’t really understand the role of an appraiser and when it comes time to pay property taxes, that misunderstanding often makes it easy to get upset with your local appraiser. That simple misunderstanding quickly evolves into a real image issue for the appraiser brand.

The truth is, appraisers’ sole charge is to fairly evaluate properties and they do that with extensive research, tools and databases. They just needed a better communications tool to help them educate their audiences on that process and the role the appraiser plays.

The explainer video.  

Taking the process and bringing it to life, an animated explainer video allows us to use audio and video in a way that is sometimes difficult to do with traditional video. By using animation, complex processes can be explained and visualized. Check it out for yourself:

Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s take a look at another example:

AJRS is a mobile tire and wheel replacement company for the insurance industry. Didn’t know there was such a thing? Neither did we!

Basically, if you get your tires or rims stolen, your insurance company would partner with AJRS in order to get you back on the road. Their process is much more complex than that and by offering these services nationwide and on-location, AJRS is revolutionizing the traditional channels within this industry.

With revolution comes the need for education.

AJRS’s customer is the regional and national claims offices. To grow their business, the people in these offices need to be educated on the AJRS process and understand the clear advantages of the solutions which AJRS provides. The process is different from what they know. And it is slightly complex.

A great fit for a great explainer video!

So, does your organization have a process that would benefit from an explainer video? Explainer videos are great sales tools. They work on your website, social media, live presentations and could even be adapted for TV.

Can you benefit from video?

We’d love to help you communicate more effectively! Give us a ring or contact us today if you’d like to talk about your marketing and communication challenges!

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Explainer videos require thoughtful planning. Here’s a fun peek at the behind the scenes storyboard process and how it adds up to a successful end product!


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