2017 American Graphic Design Award!

Not just one… but a few.

For decades, agencies and designers from across the country have come together to submit their best for the annual GDUSA awards. This year was no different with Graphic Design USA, receiving just a smidge under 10,000 entries.

A small percentage (~15%) are recognized, and we’re proud to say we received 6 awards for a variety of clients across all industries:

  • Education
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Business
  • Retail

Our team of designers worked incredibly hard over the last year to produce work for our clients that take them to the next level and accomplishes the sought out goals that they have. We do not take these tasks lightly, and we do not take these awards lightly. They are a testament to the work and partnership created between client… and 502.

Over the first few weeks in 2018, we will walk you through each piece of work that was submitted to GDUSA, the strategy behind it, and the end results. Our guess is that these challenges and the strategies to tackle them will potentially resonate with a problem or challenge that you have also had. It’s our goal to show you thoughtful ideas and tactical approaches can work!

Big congrats to our clients. Thank you for trusting us with your work, your time, and your resources. We owe ya one big hug… but instead…. We’ll mail you the certificate.

Stay tuned for some beautiful and thought-provoking work to hit your inboxes in 2018.




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