3 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Digital Video Production

Video is ubiquitous in today’s world and for good reason. Digital video production is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways: From five second Instagram clips made to make people laugh, to corporate training videos responsible for preparing teams to work as effectively as possible. With video, the possibilities are endless.

Video shoots are some of my favorite days at work. Not only do I get to meet new people and learn about new topics, I get to help a business bring to life an aspect of their brand.  After being on hundreds of video shoots, I sometimes forget is that the client hasn’t. When we work with a client, it’s often their first video production.

If you’re considering creating branded video content for your business, here are my top 3 tips on how to get the most out of your digital video production:

  1. Schedule down to the detail.
    The best way to have a smooth video shoot is to plan everything down to the detail. Know what time crew will arrive and what time filming will begin. Plan in a break for snacks and to check emails. By having a schedule, you can realistically determine how much you can get done in a day. That gives everyone on the team – you, the crew, your staff – a framework of what to expect.
  2. Find your best spokespeople.
    Being in front of the camera is not easy. Sometimes we’ve found that the person you think would be best to represent your business – your director of operations for example – actually clams up in front of the camera or is a little stiff. Instead of following a chain of command of who you think should be on camera, consider who is most natural and comfortable on camera. Authenticity is more important to consumers than ever before, so our job is to make sure your video does not sound scripted.
  3. Pick your message and stick to it.
    Before a video production crew gets on location to film, you should know why you’re making a video, otherwise, it’s just an expensive day of footage collection. Before we start a project, we challenge our clients to answer, “In one sentence, what is the one thing this video should accomplish?” Do you want to increase sales on a project? Do you want to build pride in your staff? Do you want to make your audience laugh? Whatever it is, stick to it. Don’t try to cram all of your goals into one video because you want to get more “bang for your buck”. Imagine tossing someone a tennis ball; they can catch it no problem. Now imagine throwing someone ten tennis balls; they might not even catch one. It’s already hard to capture audience’s attention – don’t confuse them with multiple messages or calls to action.
All of the up-front work can determine how smoothly your digital video production shoot will go and therefore really affect the end product.
If you’re considering creating branded content for web, video should be on your list!
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