Anthony Fecht

Wray, Colorado

I’m Anthony and I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than design. Growing up, I had an interest in art and didn’t really know what my passion was or how I could develop it into a craft. I entered the graphic design program at Fort Hays State University thinking I would be making animated movies, but it has turned into much more than that! Good designs solve problems and that’s what I love to do—solve problems. Plus, the whole point of design is to help people. Whether that’s a brand, website or video, it’s all used to connect people and to help people achieve their goals or solve their problems. Just like me, 502 is always looking for new ways to solve problems and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. 


Growing up, I had a great example of hard work; my father is a potato farmer. Farming is not a 9-to-5 job, it’s not even a 5-to-9 job; it is 24/7. Every day, I watched him work in every condition and weather. Nothing made him deter. Most of all, I remember his attitude every morning taking me to school. He always said, “You’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love,” with a big smile on his face. Obviously he didn’t coin the term, but to me it meant so much more because I was actually witnessing someone doing what they love every day. I am particularly proud of our work on The Good Shepherd brand, a rebranding project for the nonprofit formerly known as Homecare and Hospice in Manhattan. This particular project is special to me because it is for a group that has to deal with one of life’s hardest events — letting go of loved ones. It’s important to me that they are represented by something that portrays their loving, caring and protective nature. I am proud to work on this project because it is going to be meeting people in very tough times and my hope is that this design will give them a little bit of hope and sense of peace. 


My day-to-day responsibilities are split between branding and website design. Some days, I’m creating brands, brand guides and mood boards, and others I will be creating site maps and user flows and designing web page layouts. But most of all, I look to create a design that targets pain points and hope to alleviate them in whatever media I am working in for that particular project. Outside of work, I love to golf (when the weather permits). I just picked it up last year, but I am addicted! I am also a fairly avid gym goer. I’m addicted to self improvement and getting better everyday!