Ashley Phillips

Aberdeen, South Dakota

I’m Ashley, and I enjoy helping businesses connect with their customers. All of our clients have great products or services, but many of their potential customers don’t know about those offerings or they misunderstand them. As a strategist, I get to solve those problems, which often involves a diverse scope of work. Thankfully, I love getting a variety of experiences! Not only do I get to do brand strategy work, but I might work in a supporting role while writing a script or attending a video shoot. I also get to work with a variety of clients and see my work both within my community, as well as at regional and national levels. I’m a strong written and oral communicator, and I’m also a great listener. Just like everyone else at 502, I’m strongly creative. I’m also extremely detail oriented and organized—my planner is my best friend.


In college I found myself pursuing my interest in psychology—really getting to know people deeply, their emotions, their thoughts, their life stories. I ultimately decided it wasn’t the right path for me, so I swung in the entirely opposite direction and tried interior design. Being in dance my whole life, I always had a passion for creativity and was desperate to find a career that combined my love of understanding people and creating art. Strategy really is the perfect marriage of psychology and creative problem solving. 


At 502, I spend a lot of time in my office, affectionately known as the “cave,” researching, brainstorming, and writing. I identify problems from the customer’s perspective and develop messaging based on that. I then find the best way to communicate those ideas to the creative team so that they not only have a clear direction but are also excited and motivated to create visual pieces. Outside of work, I binge watch true crime documentaries and ghost shows on Netflix. I love the outdoors, so I go on runs, hikes, and bike rides. I also spend a ton of time cuddling my precious pet babies—my dog Lily, my cat Harry and my two rats Trixie and Norbert— all named after Harry Potter characters.