Blade Mages

Dodge City, Kansas

I’m Blade and I get the incredible opportunity to solve new problems every day! One of my favorite problems to work on is how to create bigger and more exciting opportunities for a growing team of smart, creative people who choose to call Manhattan, Kansas, home. I’m a quick-start, so when I’m working on a problem I get so excited when I can connect two disparate pieces of information and create a brand new way of looking at the world. 


I started this company from a dorm room in 2008 and can’t believe how much we grow as people, professionals and creatives every single year. The experience of leading a company from a one-person video operation to a full-service marketing agency has been challenging and humbling, but it helps me better understand the challenges that business leaders face in competitive environments because I can better empathize with those people. Looking back, I’m proud of every project that has left our office, but our partnerships with U.S. Wheat Associates, NCK Tech and 24/7 Travel Stores really stand out for the quality of creative work, the innovative strategy behind those campaigns and the growth that we’ve seen in those relationships. 


Now that I have a support team, I get to oversee agency operations, creative and growth as the agency principal. When I’m not working on the business, I like to ride my Triumph Thruxton and try my hand at woodworking.