Christy Chase

Leonardville, Kansas

My name is Christy and in my role I have the incredible opportunity to collaborate with amazing people who’ve trusted 502 and see them succeed throughout that partnership! When I think about why I love my job, it comes back to those people, because from my vantage point, I see the value that our team’s work creates for organizations that are changing the world through their work. As an advocate for my clients, my job at 502 is to create clarity and to make sure that clients get everything they’re promised. 


Putting clients first is a cultural value at 502 and that is something that I’m very proud to be a part of. I like to believe that being raised by a farmer taught me the value of hard day’s work and the importance of honesty— and that’s exactly what we do at 502! Growing up seeing how hard farmers work has given me an immense respect for the people who grow and raise our food, which is why I’ve enjoyed working for the agricultural commissions, associations and research foundations who work for farmers like my dad. With that values-based upbringing, I get so much energy from being around clients like BHS who live their values on the job site and in the office, no matter what. 


When I’m not working for our clients, I’m a mother to two children, Roman and Nora. I have deep roots in Manhattan, so when I have free time, I give back to the community that has given so much to me through the Purple Power Play board and as a member of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation’s Young Trustees.