Jordan Seirer

Lucas, Kansas

My name is Jordan and you have to know that I’m a “Woo” personality, which means so much more than being a cheerleader for ideas. I like to think that being a Woo is really about finding the balance between absolute positivity — saying, “heck yes, we can get that done!”— and letting my inner devil’s advocate have its say — how is this website going to hit this deadline or what’s going to stand in the way of that product launch — in order to shape processes that drive implementation. And I’ll be a cheerleader for ideas and people too. 


I’m a big believer that Kansas and Kansans are cool, but, as a designer, I recognize that our brands don’t always look very cool. I’m at 502 because I love Manhattan and I want to work for an agency where I can use my skills to make this place that I love look as cool as any place on the east or west coast. I love Kansas because this has always been my home and, more importantly, because it’s the place where I recognized that the unique way that I think about problems was a valuable strength. I didn’t recognize the strength of creativity until I was working in the design lab at Fort Hays State University and it just clicked. Ever since then, I’ve been doing what I love: solving problems with design. 


As the art director, I have the opportunity to bounce between multiple projects, which allows me to do more by supporting our amazing design and development teams, which really is a dream come true. I remember when I first heard about 502, I saw a commercial for a wheat variety called Oakley CL. They decided to shoot an entire western trailer that dramatized the variety’s resistance to wheat rust, and right then I thought, “This crew cares about the work that they create and I want to be a part of that!” Outside of working at a dream job, I spend my evenings with my wife, Livy, and my amazing daughter, Maggie. On the weekends, we love watching movies, K-State sports and taking our dog for walks around Manhattan. We’re lucky to live and work in such an amazing community, and I love that through my work at 502, I get to play a part in making sure that everyone can see how cool this place really is!