Kehoulani Krimbill

Petoskey, Michigan

I’m Kehoulani and I like helping clients bring to life what they struggle to put into words. As the creative director, I enjoy seeing each person’s strength come out when solving problems as a team. Everyone has their own passions and talents, so when you put them all together, it’s so cool to see what happens! Ever since I started at 502, it’s always been about doing your best and doing right by your team, your clients and your community, and that’s why I’ve worked here since 2013. My strength is helping others see the vision and getting everyone on board.


While some say a communications degree is a waste of money, it helped me know that there’s not always easy cut and dry answers. There’s always going to be middle ground where you’re going to have to work with different people to work towards the best outcome. Great work comes from engaging that middle ground. When I think of great work, I’m really proud of what we’ve done for U.S. Wheat Associates because that project brought together a lot of people who had important input from the initial research to the messaging, all the way to the pixels on the website. Reflecting on that project specifically, it’s really cool to know the work done right here in Manhattan, Kansas, is touching so many different people across the world. We took something like wheat export development that, on paper, seems cut and dry and turned it into this very visual story. Our team is at our best when we do the important work of bringing the unnamable to life.  


As creative director, I help connect the designers, the hands-on, pixel-pusher, do-er people with the overall strategy that is set by the other side of the office. I make sure that all the decisions that we make creatively are going to support what our team has already set us up for success with in strategy. Outside of work, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I really like This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money and any true crime series. I watch a lot of movies, and I watch them differently since working here. I like to think about everything that goes into a movie and the people behind it, not just the writer and director, but also the person who had to decide the right image for the brochure sitting on the counter for a period piece. I also love to play with my dog, Dude.