Killian Millner

Abilene, Kansas

My name is Killian and in my role I have the amazing opportunity to put my passion for filmmaking and photography to work. At 502, I love how we push ourselves and each other to hustle for that better shot or that tighter edit. To me, that’s what collaboration is all about. Everyone here has a passion for going the extra mile because we have to do difficult work to create the best content. 


We’re so lucky to have clients who appreciate all the work that goes into production and encourage us to go after those shots, because they know it will pay off in the final product. U.S. Wheat Associates is one of those clients, and our shoot in Washington was my first time really stepping into my role as a filmmaker. I was let to work on my own on the video and I’m very proud of the final product we created. My background is in photography and film, and the first two years of college I only worked with film photography and alternative developing processes. It’s been rewarding to grow in my journey in photography and videography here at 502.


When I’m not making films or editing photo and video content, I enjoy taking artistic photos, especially of my Great Dane, Oslo. Every year I look forward to a big camping trip where I’ll do a lot of hiking and, you guessed it, take a lot of photos.