Leah Braet

Great Bend, Kansas

I’m Leah and most people don’t know that I can juggle. I’m not the best juggler, but I can juggle three tennis balls at once and that kind of coordination is essential to what I do at 502. When I’m working with clients, there’s a lot of times that I need to coordinate between their internal teams and our internal teams, while making sure that no balls get dropped in the process. There are days when that task can seem daunting, but at its core, it requires a lot of empathy to coordinate between groups that don’t work directly together. When I’m able to see something from our web development team’s point of view and a client’s point of view, I can find the common ground and communicate that to both sides. In my role, that’s the secret to juggling.  


One of the best parts about my job is watching my client’s excitement and enthusiasm when our team solves challenges that were daunting. I think about working with Twin Valley on launching a new product, Connected Office, into the Manhattan small business market, and realizing midway through that launch that we needed to do some fundamental brand work. Had we not established a relationship based on trust, that realization might have seemed overwhelming, because it meant more work, but with a couple wins already under our belt, we were able to work on their brand with more excitement than we had ever had before, because our team and their team knew that we were bringing clarity to their business. 


I’ve grown so much at 502 because of our team-based, forward thinking approach to marketing and our fast-paced culture, and I’m proud to add past experiences in event management and nonprofit development to the mix. In the development world, you learn to communicate the value in everything you do, and the same is true when coordinating activities between teams. When everyone understands how the details connect to the big picture, it’s easier to move people toward common ground. 


When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me shuttling around my daughters, Delany and Brittany, attending every K-State football event possible with my husband, Taylor, and somehow finding time to cook dinner. I make a mean beef stroganoff over rice.