Regan Mousley

Wichita, Kansas

I’m Regan and I love seeing the transformation of a project from the beginning idea to the finished project. I really love getting to be creative and seeing how our work impacts the companies we’re working for. I started as an intern at 502 just to get some experience while I was in school and I’ve stuck around because I’ve been able to quickly grow my knowledge and experience working in Manhattan. At 502, I’m known for being quick to pick things up and adapt; and I like to think that everyone who works for a marketing agency likes to think outside the box.


As a designer, I chose to major in advertising instead of graphic design, which allows me to think about the strategy behind the visuals. I’ve really enjoyed working on the Steve’s Floral account because they took a unique approach to a Valentine’s Day campaign and we got to see the tangible difference that our work made in Valentine’s Day sales. Of course, the first project that I got to take full ownership of will always be one of my favorite experiences: we designed the posters for Christmas in downtown Manhattan and it was really cool to get to see my work in the stores!


In my job, I elevate brands through all the extra details, from creating digital images to refreshing brochures. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and exercising. I’m involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I hang out with my little at least once a week. I also really enjoy cooking— my favorite dish is “Bow Tie Surprise!”