Topanga McBride

Severance, Colorado

I’m Topanga and I’ve got 99 problems—and that’s a good thing! I enjoy unraveling problems and identifying impactful solutions that are equally guided by strategic analysis and creative thinking. I’m fueled by meaningful work that makes a difference in people’s lives, which makes 502 the place for me. Working at 502 is like working in a real life version of Parks and Rec. The people here care deeply about their job, their community and each other. In my role, I work to understand the needs and experiences of people in the agricultural and food industry so that I can communicate their value in our global food system. As a girl who grew up in the gap between rural and urban audiences, I have a knack for bringing the two together!


I grew up raising Milking Shorthorns just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado, and found my passion for marketing early on. In high school, I built a following on Tumblr for my agriculture-themed blog, leading me to pursue a dual major in agricultural communications and journalism and agricultural economics at Kansas State University. My internships at Look East, the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the former Monsanto Company (now Bayer) and my prior job as an outreach assistant at Agriculture Future of America gave me a breadth of experience working with complex marketing problems across the agricultural and food industry. At 502, I’ve really enjoyed working with AIB International on their promotional video. I had the joy of working with my boss from my first internship who taught me a lot of what I use today, and even introduced me to 502. Cultivating these relationships makes the work even more rewarding, and I see it happen client after client after client.


You can count on me to keep projects running smoothly and achieve successful results. I spend my work days between guiding clients towards innovative solutions and cultivating relationships in the agricultural and food industry. I’m always eager to attend the next conference or summit to meet with other brilliant minds who are solving the world’s biggest problems! Outside of work, you can find me testing a new baking recipe, catching the latest Marvel movie, chilling with my cat, Bartholomew, or performing at the Manhattan Arts Center, our amazing community theater!