First name basis

There are a few of you that might know our start-up story.

In 2008, we were born as “502 Productions.” Time passed and services grew. We began building more websites and helping clients with design. Being a called “production company” was quickly becoming irrelevant. So, we changed.

A few years later when we officially incorporated, we became 502 Media Group, LLC.

Here’s the problem. To those in the industry, the word “media” has a very specific meaning. There are agencies dedicated solely to buying media for their clients. They purchase massive amounts of television, newspaper, outdoor, radio, magazine advertising. While we definitely assist our clients with media buying, we are not doing anywhere the volume to be considered a media agency. Nor did we want to be.

Over time, our clients, staff and biggest fans (thanks mom and dad) had graduated to calling us simply “502.”

So we decided to finally give the people what they want.

From now on, let’s get on a first-name basis. Just call us 502.

P.S. If you’re one of the awesome people that pay us money from time to time, invoices will still read 502 Media Group, LLC. 


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