How We Redesigned Our Website for Social Distancing

Josh Brewer

April 1, 2020

As we prepared to move agency operations online over the past few weeks, we realized that one of the most important parts of the client experience, new client onboarding, could not be replaced by a Zoom call. For our team, onboarding begins well before a deal is inked, because before we talk about project scope, budget and timeline, we work to ensure that our team, culture and process are the best fit for prospective clients. Before social distancing, we met with prospective clients over lunch or a coffee or beer at our office to learn more about their businesses, goals and expectations of a marketing agency. We’d share experience in their industry and talk about the difference between a strategic and creative agency. When we had a shared understanding, we’d set up a time to give a presentation.

Today, prospective clients are still recognizing their marketing needs and evaluating us as a potential provider over lunch, coffee or beers, but our website is at the table instead of us. With social distancing, potential clients will replace that initial face-to-face meeting with a deep dive on our website, which means that our website design needed to evolve to deliver an effective user experience. With a single session on our website, prospective clients need to understand the type and quality of work that our agency produces, the process that we follow, and the team members with whom they’ll work. Our old website wasn’t designed for the task. 

To communicate the type of work our agency produces, the new website design prioritizes past work. In showcasing work, we lead with case studies that highlight the business need and creative solution because that’s why our clients hire a strategic agency. Next, our new website design lays out our process for building effective solutions. We’re not creative geniuses or superheroes. We work really hard and follow a tried and true process for solving difficult problems in new and exciting ways. Finally, our website introduces clients to the team that takes our work to the next level. We asked each team member to introduce themselves on this page, to tell us where they’re from, and why they’re excited about working with clients at 502. 

A new website can’t replace the laughs, the hard questions and the honest discussions that we share with new clients over lunch, coffee or beer, but we hope that it can communicate the value that a strategic partner can provide in good times and trying times. One thing is for sure: whether we’re distancing or not, our agency will continue solving difficult problems, creating kickass brands, websites and videos. We can’t wait to get back to meeting and talking in person once again, but, until then, our website must be a power lunch!

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