A Little Content Goes a Long Way

Facebook for business is great. It is super easy to connect with customers now more than ever before. But one thing that sometimes gets forgotten in between the “Come see our new products!” and “Widgets now on sale!” is just plain old-fashioned content. Sure, your followers love finding out about new products or sales, but sometimes sharing information that is fun or interesting  – and doesn’t include any sales pitch – can do wonders for your business.

Earlier this month, we got hit with a major blizzard. Major is probably an understatement. A gargantuan blizzard. That’s better.

I hate the snow. I know I’m from Michigan and all, but snow is just the worst. Yet, instead of hiding inside all day like I really wanted to, I suited up in my warmest snow gear and headed to the great outdoors with Blade, who wanted to capture the beauty of all the fluffy, white powder. We spent the day visiting different areas of town and created a short, pretty video for no reason other than it was fun. We shared the video on 502’s Facebook page, thinking our followers (who are mostly Manhattanites) might like to see a sweeter side of the snowstorm. We weren’t expecting much, but it totally blew up.




From our own page, we ended up getting 138 shares. And from those shares (along with the likes and comments) we got 337 likes, 92 comments and 3 more shares. We were able to reach people that have never even visited our page. Our organic reach was 25,472 people. Now, we ended up boosting the post with a small budget since it was doing so well, and the total reach ended up being 32,704. But even without paid views, we still reached a huge number of people. In the next five days, we got 28 new, organic page likes and 146 page views. An average post about our daily work never produces results like this.

So next time you get on Facebook, consider sharing something you might not think to – something fun, strange or unique. Your followers will be pleasantly surprised to see something other than the regular Monday special.


And if you didn’t get a chance to see the video, check it out here.

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