New year. New office.

2018 will be a special year for 502.

2008, a basement on Thurston.

2009, a 10’x10′ office in the MCC baseball team indoor facility. 2010, the Marshall Theater building.

New 502 office - Manhattan, KS

In 2018, 502 will be relocating to our new, completely remodeled, 4,000 square-foot headquarters located in the Orville-Huntress building — the second floor of the corner of 3rd Street and Poyntz Ave.

It’s not often that a client walks into your office and asks, “hey, looking for some new space right on Poyntz?” But that’s exactly what happened nearly two years ago.

The 502 + Jan Miller partnership has been a great one. We’ve had the opportunity to create some truly awesome and inspiring work together on behalf of her store Steve’s Floral. Now, we’re taking our partnership to a new level with the help of Timber & Stone Architects, BHS Construction, and Landmark National Bank, by teaming up on a historic remodel of a building that is over 120 years old!

The design process has been a learning process for all of us. We’ve learned a lot from our existing space and how space is such a huge part of how we work and collaborate. The new space has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the wide range of projects our team handles while making for a more comfortable client experience.

New 502 office - Manhattan, KS


It has been an incredible journey getting to this point. One that we could not have achieved without each and every one of our amazing clients as well as each of the passionate, dedicated and talented staff members of 502, past and present.

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Needless to say, we’re pretty excited!

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