24/7 Travel Stores

Building a recognizable brand at 75 MPH
The Situation

24/7 Travel Stores wanted to build an updated, attractive and consistent image across their 10 locations, while maintaining brand recognition through their core visual identity, including their logo and colors.

The Approach

Our team assessed the logo for not only aesthetic design changes but also legibility – an important factor for a brand you see traveling 80 miles an hour down the road. However, a new logo was only part of the story. 24/7 wanted consistency across their entire visual identity; uniforms, store signage and branded collateral lacked guidelines for each of the stores to independently apply the brand where they needed it. After completing their visual identity, we delivered a Brand Standards booklet that provided the colors, typefaces, logos and file type information that 24/7’s team could refer to and make brand decisions confidently.

The new brand improved the visual aspect of the website, so functionality for users was next on our list. First, it had to be mobile-friendly since users are likely travelers and truck drivers on the road. Then we gave their main reward card programs and fleet accounts a stage to shine; sales managers now had digital collateral they could share with potential clients through email. Plus, it opened up the realm of digital advertising, giving them a landing place for interested users to find what they’re looking for.