Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit

Brand & Website Development
The Situation

The Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit is the non-partisan audit arm of the Kansas Legislature. Their mission is to inform policymakers by providing accurate, unbiased information through developed audit reports. These audit reports help the Legislature by focusing on three core areas — oversight, insight and foresight. Content within these reports provides oversight of state government by evaluating whether or not agencies are following laws, achieving intended results and operating efficiently. 

These audit reports are very valuable, and LPA has a well-known brand within the Kansas Legislature. Commonly known for their “blue cover” printed audit reports, LPA recognized throughout the last several years that this was not sustainable and wished to modernize its brand and the method in which legislators and the public consumed these reports.

The Approach

To start the conversation of modernizing the way in which LPA sends out its reports, we identified the need to also modernize the brand. We initiated a discovery workshop with key staff members to learn more about the the people who consume LPA services, the audits themselves, the life cycle of an audit report and the pain points that arise while performing and showcasing audits.

The Results

Through these discussions, we created a logo that was associated with the common themes we learned in our workshops. The logo tied-in blue, which LPA was so commonly known for with their blue cover reports. It also represented who LPA is as an entity: strong, detailed and confident. 

Once the logo was developed, we dove into the method in which LPA presented their reports. 

To accommodate the many ways that legislators and the public were consuming these reports, we identified the need to create a way to digitize all reports to be readable across devices, including tablets, desktops, laptops and mobile phones. The reports use a large number of graphs and charts to explain important information, along with a hierarchy of content that needed to be divided into sections. The ability to condense the report into a highlights section, read the full report as a user, print out a full report, as well as listen to the report via podcast was also created on each audit report page so the user could consume the information however they would like. With a vast range of audience types, it was important to give multiple ways to easily digest the data. The backend of the website was custom built to allow LPA to upload all report information easily and consistently to showcase all these features on the frontend for the user. 

A password protected feature was also installed so LPA could send out reports to Legislative Post Audit Committee members for review prior to making the report public on the website.

A need that was also uncovered within the discovery meeting was to improve the job application process, both internally and externally. The original process was clunky and created unnecessary work for LPA to manage new job applicants. The new website featured an efficient integrated application form and upload feature for completed assignments that were necessary for the application process. Creating a space for job applicants to apply also allowed for new content to be created to highlight the benefits of working at LPA, as well as company culture photos and career advancement opportunities, bringing together a very well-rounded careers section to the entire website. 

As of the 2020 legislature year, Kansas LPA now has digitized its entire audit process, as well as digitized all old audits for users to browse.