NCK Tech

The Situation

North Central Kansas Technical College is an accredited technical college with campuses in Beloit and Hays, Kansas, whose focus on hands-on education, emerging technology, and personalized student attention has earned them the No. 2 ranking on Forbes’ Top 25 Trade Schools in the country. Over the last several years, NCK Tech has trusted us to support their recruiting efforts by developing branding, program videos, and a user-friendly website. However, due to the overall number of students attending college decreasing, NCK Tech needed to develop a targeted student recruitment marketing campaign that clearly communicates their differential advantage to prospective students and, ultimately, motivates students to apply.

The Approach

We conducted focus groups with current NCK Tech students to better understand their college decision-making process and reasoning for choosing NCK Tech over other schools. Additionally, we conducted a competitor and category analysis to compare NCK Tech’s messaging to both regional and national technical schools. Based on our primary and secondary research, we uncovered that technical college messaging is largely fact-driven and highlights tuition comparisons, graduation rates, and job placement rates. 

This contradicted our focus group findings because we learned from current students that choosing a college is a highly emotional experience. It’s also especially stressful for technical college students because they feel they have to defend their choice to those who perceive technical education to be “less than” or a “last resort.” As a result, we developed campaign messaging to serve as an anthem for students pursuing technical education and brought it to life through video, digital advertising, and print collateral.

The Results since launch

Increased application entries by

0 %

Increased in new users to the site by

0 %

Increased page views by

0 %

Increased average session duration by

0 %

from the previous year.