Twin Valley

Connected Office Product Launch
The Situation

Twin Valley is a 4th generation, family-owned business that has successfully delivered innovative technologies to rural markets in northeast Kansas for over 70 years, where they’ve established a reputation of being a reliable provider of internet, TV and phone products. Due to Twin Valley’s partnership with ISG Technologies in Kansas City, they expanded their service offerings to include Connected Office, a comprehensive managed services product, and needed a partner to help build a product launch plan for the Manhattan, Kansas, small business market. 

The Approach

We approached the challenge of launching a new commercial product during an initial discovery period and determined that Twin Valley needed to, first, develop a cohesive brand, and then, launch campaigns to activate the brand and generate new small business leads.

To start the branding process, we had to address how brand fragmentation had created brand confusion. While the Twin Valley brand was strong in rural markets, there were multiple elements of the brand identity, such as logos and names, that were specific to services and products and didn’t match Twin Valley’s brand identity.

With the addition of Connected Office to Twin Valley’s existing products, we decided to refresh and redefine the use and look of their logos across product lines, while creating a brand guide for how to introduce new Twin Valley products and services.

After the brand identity and brand standards guide were finished, we developed a custom website with product pages, an order online feature, and mobile-friendly design all for the purpose of increasing conversions. 

To activate the brand and launch Connected Office in an exciting way, we created a contest for small businesses to enter to win $25,000 worth of Connected Office services. No strings attached. We received 20 entries and interviewed the three finalists about their I.T. needs and posted the videos on a microsite where the public could vote for the winner. After receiving 3,000 votes total, the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan was declared the winner, and, later, we were able to develop a testimonial video showcasing how Connected Office helped their organization.

Lastly, to follow up with leads generated from the contest and Twin Valley’s sales activities, we designed two direct mail pieces that would quickly stand out on the desks of small business owners and busy I.T. professionals. 

The first mailer featured a sheet of Band-Aids with words describing different problems within businesses that Connected Office could help with because many businesses use costly and distracting “Band-Aid” solutions to get through the day.

The second mailer was a telescoping slider that explained more about Connected Office’s services and how they can increase small businesses’ productivity. 

The Results

By creating a cohesive brand, Twin Valley was able to reduce confusion about their organization and the products they offer. And through a brand activation and subsequent marketing activities, we introduced Connected Office to their target audience and effectively communicated Twin Valley’s differential advantage, which increased both brand awareness and qualified leads.