Meet Kehoulani Krimbill

No one cares more about your success than K. She won't let anything we create for clients get published without making sure it's awesome first.

Kehoulani (pronounced "Kay-uh-la-knee") leads the 502 creative team and works with our clients to better identify consistent and strategic ways to bring stories to life. She loves to facilitate discovery sessions with passionate people that addresses problems and leads them to solutions.

Fun Facts / Biography

Kehoulani and Christy showing full beast mode after a successful shoot

Originally from Petoskey, Michigan, Kehoulani graduated from Alma College with Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication before joining 502 in 2013. She's put her own blood, sweat and tears into helping 502 grow from a small team of ambitious kids into a powerful agency full of young, professional storytellers.
Our clients can rest easy knowing K's on duty making sure everything that's created at 502 is the best it can possibly be.

Authored Blog Posts

Here at 502, we live and breath stories and have even written a few of our own! Below you will find authored blog posts curated by Kehoulani Krimbill.

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