Meet Ashley Flowers

"Design is like a joke. If you have to explain it it's not very good." Ashley’s goal is to always create with the user in mind. Many of us were taught to leave things better than you found them and for Ashley, that's creating things that make life easier for 502’s clients and better for their customers.

Ashley’s relentless curiosity allows her to constantly learn new things. Many would consider her autodidactic, or self-taught. She is always asking "why" and discovering the answer to one question creates eight to 10,000 more in its place. This mindset this allows Ashley to understand the bigger problem and create bigger solutions to meet it.

Fun Facts / Biography

Ashley has had a wild set of experiences due to her interest in everything. She has excavated mammoth hunting sites in Alaska and helped develop social media campaigns for an Emmy nominated television series.

Ashley grew up in Easton, Kansas and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management and is currently finishing a second Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, specializing in archaeology, and a Professional Masters of Technology degree, all from Kansas State University.

Ashley recharges by traveling by any mode: (plane, train, motorcycle, car), reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, watching any show wherein the characters time travel or have superpowers, trying to beat her boyfriend at ping pong, or by having a nice breakfast.

Authored Blog Posts

Here at 502, we live and breath stories and have even written a few of our own! Below you will find authored blog posts curated by Ashley Flowers.

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