Meet Blade Mages

Blade finds solutions. If you have a problem and need a new way to solve it, the best thing you can do is have a cup of coffee with Blade.

As a K-State student, Blade started 502 Media Group in 2008 and has led its growth from from a freelancer's contract-work opportunity operating out of his basement apartment to a full-time staff of 10 and a handful of interns with clients across the US and a few in some other countries.

Fun Facts / Biography

Blade Mages holding a camera while others work to ensure he gets the right shot

Blade is a Swiss-army knife of skills. He's a storyteller, marketer, small-business owner, photographer, drone pilot, plane pilot, boat pilot, copywriter, director, and editor. He's also a speaker, influencer, mentor, musician and chef. But, most of all, Blade is a visionary.

Blade has the ability to see, which is perhaps the rarest and most valuable gift in the business world. Too often the world falls into the trap of doing things the way they've always been done. Blade looks at problems and finds new trails and ideas that free brands to capitalize on new territory.

Along with his long list of skills, Blade is a friend who cares about helping others. What he truly wants is to help solve problems for others in new ways and he leads a team of happy, hard-workers that are excited to join his quest.

Authored Blog Posts

Here at 502, we live and breath stories and have even written a few of our own! Below you will find authored blog posts curated by Blade Mages.

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