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Everyone has a website but few know how to make them and even fewer can make them well. Daron's one of the few and we're glad he's with us! Servers, code, html, css, java script...Making websites is a realm that many don't understand. Thankfully, Daron not only understands it, he's a master of it.

Fun Facts / Biography

Originally from Texas, Daron studied animation, interactive technology, video graphics and special effects at the University of Texas at Dallas. But the great thing about Daron is that he never stops learning. After college, he continued studying programming and eventually picked up web development to pay the bills. Five years later he’s still at it. He’s now an avid autodidactic of all things tech and open source as well as a frequent contributor at local technology meetups.
After spending two years in Manhattan, Daron returned to Texas where he opened our Dallas office. We're thankful video chat makes him almost as close as he was when we saw him from across the office, although we still love it when he he makes in-person visits for company retreats and vacations!

Authored Blog Posts

Here at 502, we live and breath stories and have even written a few of our own! Below you will find authored blog posts curated by Daron Spence.

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