Meet Jordan Seier

Jordan is a positive force who leaves a trail of awesome wherever he goes. Always studying. Always improving. Always designing with a smile.

Jordan has experience working with a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, higher education, and retail, and enjoys working with any media format, from billboards to websites.

Fun Facts / Biography

As the Art Director at 502, Jordan uses the visual world to help audiences understand how our clients can help them. Graduating from Fort Hays University with a degree in Graphic Design, Jordan worked for Nex-Tech and GTM Sportswear in designer roles before joining 502 in 2015.

There's a difference between making "pretty things" and effective design. The former gets a “wow” from viewers. The latter gets the wow plus action. Jordan specializes in the latter and we're thankful for it.

Authored Blog Posts

Here at 502, we live and breath stories and have even written a few of our own! Below you will find authored blog posts curated by Jordan Seier.

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Branding Is Hard


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