Statement on Our Agency’s COVID-19 Response

Blade Mages

March 19, 2020

On behalf of the 502 team, I want to publicly share our agency’s position on the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to our local and national clients, and the steps that we have implemented to protect vulnerable members in our community. We recognize that this crisis is first and foremost a human crisis. Many members of our community lack access to healthcare, nutritional security, and emergency savings were they to lose their job. As a human crisis, COVID-19 creates significant consumer disruption for our clients both here and across the country. In light of this disruption, our clients are adapting. They are working differently with their employees and their customers because it will take creative thinking to best respond to this virus. We’re thankful that they’ve chosen to trust us with their marketing strategy and brand. While we work across the country, Manhattan, Kansas is our home. Many of the charitable organizations in our community are considering how best to serve a growing need with changing resources. To support the organizations that do so much for our home community, effective immediately, we are offering non-profit organizations support in their crisis response and communication strategy, free of charge, and our team will receive paid leave to support organizations that need additional volunteers to respond to this crisis. Finally, to slow the spread of COVID-19 we have implemented three policies, effective immediately:

  • First, we have expanded our work from home policy to allow team members to care for their families. This will not affect the quality or timeliness of work coming from our office, but some may choose to work outside of traditional work hours so that they are better able to care for their family. If sustained community transmission is recorded in Kansas, this policy will become mandatory. We have taken the steps necessary to take our business online and are ready to support other businesses who are working to prepare for that possibility.
  • Second, we have suspended travel outside of Kansas until March 31st, when we reevaluate travel. Meetings that would have occurred in-person will occur over video conference.
  • Third, in-person meetings within Kansas will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but if community spread of the virus were detected in-state, we are prepared to move those meetings online.

We feel responsible to take these steps because each person on our team cares for friends, family, and clients who bear a disproportionate risk during this pandemic because they are over the age of 60 or have pre-existing medical conditions. We will do our part to flatten the infection curve and protect our community. If your nonprofit organization needs communications and marketing support in responding to this crisis, please email

Blade Mages
502 – A Strategic Marketing Agency

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