The Nature of the Beast

The nature of THE BEAST

There he is… in all his glory.

CLEARLY, this beast is ready to rumble, ready to take on anything, ready to kick some serious tail.

The Beast is a symbol. A symbol of strength, of tenacity, and of hard work — also that of child’s nightmare…. or a slightly bronzed version of The Hulk.

Here at 502 Media Group, we run in so many different directions on a daily basis, its hard to keep track of each other and, most important, give each other a pat on the back when a job is done well. It is too easy to move on to the next day, the next task and forget to recognize the small victories we have together.

So. We created The Beast.

BEAST MODE started as an idea — an idea of thanking each other for assisting with projects, an idea of recognizing those people that do go above and beyond in a single week on a project(s), and an idea to randomly get everyone together in a big circle to just hang out. I typically bring a snack. I really like snacks.

Each Friday, we as a team get together and every single person in the room nominates someone who they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The person is recognized, the job is pointed out, the task is explained, and upon completion of said nomination the group stomps twice- and whispers “Beast” collectively.

(It’s very cult-like. We purposely made it this way. OR, our creative director needed to fill a void in his life and stomping, whispering and hopes of a didgeridoo eventually being added to the mix is keeping him happy.)

Either way, The Beast lives on and will continue to do so. The Beast Mode should be something that every team of professionals does. We all need it. It’s healthy. And, if for any other reason we continue this tradition, its so we all can briefly breakaway from the daily grind to share a human moment. To get together to laugh, and to talk, and and to appreciate.

We spend more time with our co-workers then sometimes our loved ones.

The Beast represents that. Well… sort of. Sometimes I come into work looking like the Beast, however I have yet to win the award. Maybe this blog post will work in my favor.

Thanks Beast. You allow us all to remember why we love coming to work every single week.

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