We are 502.

The cobbler’s kids have no shoes…

It’s a common saying, right? We all nervously laugh because it’s kind of funny, yet painfully true.

The accuracy of this statement hits home for many. I’ve heard a doctor really does make the worst patient, and the plumber may just have a leaky faucet – go ahead and ask his wife.

We have found this to be true at 502. We look back proud of the sprints and marathons that we have run for our clients, while our own house ended up with a really creaky door that needed a good can of WD-40 and some TLC.

Do you have this same problem within your own organization?

Do you do something really well for clients, but find yourself too worn or out of ideas? Maybe even just too close to the front lines, to do it for yourself?

For us it’s been, oh, I don’t know, nearly 18 months in the making? A new look for 502, new online presence, but even more than that, a better defined way to explain what we do and how we do it. Many marketing agencies perform a lot of the same work, but we felt that we had a specific niche and strength when it came to telling story. Telling story, and doing it well, is a powerful thing, and during this self-innovative time we were able to better articulate how we are a strategic marketing agency that focuses on growing companies through the power of story.

Oh, we grappled over what it needed to look like, feel like and accomplish. We analyzed, strategized and traumatized ourselves to death only to realize there were not enough hours in the day to ever accomplish all that we dreamed of for 502.

We related to our clients MORE SO THAN EVER in this process.

“We want to do this better… but we just don’t have the time”
“We know that we lack in this one area, but how do we make it better?”
“We’ve wanted a new website for years… we’re just finally getting around to it now.”
“I’m having trouble getting everyone on the same page.”

Sound familiar at all?

Yeah, we know.

Here are a few things we learned along the way:

1. No pain. No gain.

Time. This took forever! It was well over a year ago we mapped out our strategic plan to get this website done. But as much as we love deadlines for our clients… we had a terribly difficult time sticking to them for ourselves. We’re only a phone call or email away to deal with an issue for our clients that arises and needs taken care of quickly.  So we pushed back each new date, and as time marched on, the drum we were beating to get it done got softer and softer.

What we learned?  Designate time to work on your own marketing.

2. Value.

Time is money right? Yeah, we have began to appreciate this statement… more than ever! Each hour in our day should be filled with some sort of work that creates something. We went back to the drawing board too many times to count for our new name and website.

What we learned? Set perimeters.

We needed guidance and direction, and maybe we just needed a not “in the weeds” person to give us a 3rd party perspective as we were moving through each hoop. We do this for our clients…and due to the great value of this project, why in the heck didn’t we do it for ourselves?

3. Empathy.

This was the big one. It’s easy to get frustrated when someone drops the ball. As a company we do the best we can for our clients to set out a gameplan that offers some contingency time. We are all busy, and fires happen; we feel like we allot time for that.

What we learned? Plan time for life, and then go ahead and grant just a little bit more grace.

We put ourselves through the same process we ask of our clients, and we get it. It’s not easy. If it was, everyone would have a brand new flashy beautiful website. It takes hard work. We’re right here with ya.

But the day has come.
We call ourselves 502.

And we now showcase our clients in the way they should be showcased. We’re proud of them and want to show it, we feel good again about that, and we know they do as well. It’s been an enlightening journey, and we threw ourselves a slammin’ party when it was all done. 

Why you ask? Well because….. We are 502.com


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