Website & UX Design

Clean Web Design, Sophisticated User-Experiences

Simplicity and elegance are key to a 502 website design. We know that your website may be the first interaction users have with your brand, and clear communication, easy to navigate features, and distinct calls to action are paramount.

When designing a website, our focus is on the end user. How can we get them to take an action – to raise their hand to show interest in your product or service? We first identify red routes – the fastest, easiest ways they can connect with you, and we highlight those in easy-to-see calls to action.

Web Design

  • Creative Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Content Development
  • Purpose-driven Design

Content Strategy

  • Visual Media and Video
  • Communication Red Routes
  • Designed to Convert
  • Marketing Automation
  • Value-Added Content Copywriting


  • Advanced Forms and Questionnaires
  • SEO Optimization
  • Custom Widget Design
  • Speedy Load Times
  • Functional Prototyping

Our Web & UX Design Process

"Everything we do is designed, whether we're producing a magazine, a website, or a bridge. Design is really the creative invention that designs everything." – Henry Petroski

Good website design and strategy can make or break the success of your online marketing efforts. If a website looks pretty, but is missing essential functionality like SEO optimization or clear cut calls to action, that beauty is all for naught.

At 502, we focus on clean, elegant web design that offers an intuitive user experience.

1. Discovery/Scope

1. Discovery/Scope

Before we build your website, we want to get to know you, your customers, and your competition. The knowledge gained in this step will serve as the foundation for the entire process.

We will identify and share with you several deliverables including an end user persona guide. This guide will help you define your voice and the positioning for your website. 

2. Planning & Wireframe
3. Content Strategy
4. Design
5. Development
6. Quality Assurance

Awards We Have Won in Web & UX Design

Graphic Design USA Award Winner
American Graphic Design Award

Website Design | 2017

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