Our Capabilities

What We Do Best

Beyond Creative

It can be difficult to describe what we do in a few sentences. When you found us, you were probably looking for something specific like a new logo design or a web video. You may have been looking for a decent portfolio – full of attractive sights (sites?) that feel modern and intuitive.

The thing is, though we’re known for our high-end final products, that’s not where the true value in hiring 502 lies. Our greatest strength is our process for discovering and infusing insights about your customers into our work. After all, marketing is all about the customer.

When designing a logo, Jordan (our Art Director) doesn’t start throwing fonts on a page. In fact, he doesn’t start in a creative program period. He starts with your customers. Who are they? What do they want to see? What attracts them to your current brand? Through careful research, he discovers what sets you apart in your marketplace – those aspects that your current customers love about you – and he uses this information to inform his design strategy.  

In his mind, Jordan's not just creating a nice looking logo, he’s creating a calling card that will bring more of your best clients streaming through your doors for years to come.

Better Every day

We are a group of creatives that compete with ourselves every single day. We want to show up to work tomorrow better than we were today. To do this, we pride ourselves on our culture of innovation, openness, learning, and continuous improvement.

When we started nearly a decade ago, we were known for taking on and tackling innovative ideas that resulted in big wins. Today, while we still love our big ideas, we’re frequently entrenched in process, procedure, and quality control. Our goal is to help our clients win more consistently throughout the year (with a few big wins peppered in, of course).

Whether you are a long-standing institution, or a fresh, new startup, new branding is an opportunity to define where you’re going. Author Jay Baer says it best, “Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company.”

Video production is one of the most effective marketing mediums available to digital marketers today. Video content breaks down the barrier of the unknown and helps audiences connect with your brand's authentic voice. 502 will help you pinpoint and refine this voice while building an engrossing storyline around it.

Effective website design and strategy can make or break the success of your online marketing efforts. If a website looks pretty but is missing essential functionality like SEO or clear-cut calls to action, that beauty is all for naught.

At 502, we focus on clean, elegant web design that offers an intuitive user experience.