Why We Created MHK Together

Blade Mages

March 23, 2020

In our agency’s home community, we’ve seen how actions necessary to protect vulnerable populations have caused economic harm, especially for our neighbors who work in the hospitality, retail and service industries. We love living and working in a lively college town and we recognize that our quality of life depends on these hardworking people. They know our names, welcome our families, and serve us with a smile. By closing dining rooms and bars, and rescheduling conferences and weddings, they’re still serving the Manhattan community by protecting those community members who are older and who have underlying health concerns.

We believe that we have a responsibility to serve our community in times of crisis and recognize that we have hired a team of thinkers and makers who are uniquely qualified for creative problem-solving. Out of our core belief in service, our team has partnered with the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation (GMCF) to create MHK Together, a program that supports the businesses and employees who have prioritized our community’s safety.

MHK Together operates on the simple idea of “Buy One, Give One.” To ensure business continuity, community members are asked to use the MHK Together website to purchase a gift card from an affected local business and then a special GMCF fund will match that amount dollar-for-dollar with a grocery gift card for Manhattan residents who have seen wages reduced because of a change in employment. Dillons has joined us in this effort by donating an additional 15% to match community gift card purchases. We’re encouraged by our community partners’ generosity and look forward to welcoming more partners as this program develops.

Our agency is located in Kansas because of the wonderful people who make Manhattan special. Our team is supporting MHK Together because we look forward to celebrating the day when this pandemic passes—and it will—with our whole community, standing strong together.

For more information on this program, visit www.mhktogether.org

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