Why We Use WordPress

Over the years, web development as evolved into an insanely complex field for even the most “basic” websites. Email marketing integration, employment applications, calendars for events, etc, are all common features to see on any website. While the technology has evolved quite rapidly, we as humans are still fundamentally simple creatures. I for one, am not a fan of complex User Interfaces (UI) even though I would consider myself a technology power user. While most people can learn how to use a complex system and UI, wouldn’t the world be a better place if that wasn’t even an issue? This is one of the many reasons we use WordPress.


Way back in 2008 (or somewhere around there), WordPress really started to gain traction with the web development community. It provided a lot of useful features out of the box, while managing to keep everything simple for the users managing the content. The developers behind the project went to great lengths to ensure the experience and flow of content management was as simple as possible. They knew that the success of the WordPress project was contingent upon the average Joe being able to utilize the platform while still providing features behind the scenes for developers and power users.

Due largely in part to that careful attention to detail all those years ago, WordPress has now become an industry giant, powering over 23% of all websites on the internet. That number is still growing by the way!

Simple UI is something we strive for to make things simple for our clients. This means using the correct UI elements relative to the content they are displaying. I’m sure you know this already, but just in case you don’t, we make awesome videos (link here). Since our clients want to feature those videos on their website, we make it easy to embed them right where they need to go. We validate the URLs before the pages are generated to ensure that everything will display correctly the first time. WordPress also natively supports oEmbed which allows you to show formatted content from a variety of different websites just by pasting in the URL. Another great example is providing named checkboxes or drop down boxes to associate one piece of content with another, rather than typing out weird numbers in a comma separated list. I could write pages about the different possibilities, but the important takeaway is our commitment to an intuitive UI that works for you, leveraging tools available to us and handcrafting the features that aren’t so readily available.



Paste oEmbed

That’s right, I embedded a gif of an oEmbed into this very post.



Another reason we use WordPress is because of it’s insanely extensible architecture. Unlike most other Content Management System (CMS) platforms, WordPress is the leader when it comes to building features out one small piece at a time.

Let’s use a real world example. You have a website. On your website, you want to allow potential new employees to fill out an application online. Easy peasy. After building out the application form, we configure the website to automatically send you an email every time someone submits an application. This works great. You get updates right to your inbox. Instant gratification satisfied.

Then your business starts to grow (wink wink, nudge nudge, new website driving traffic) and you need to hire more employees. You start to open new stores and hire managers for those new locations, and before you know it, your inbox is getting 300 application submissions a day. You’re spending an hour or more per day forwarding all those emails to the correct store management instead of focusing on being the owner of your business! If only there was some way to change it! This is where WordPress begins to shine.

With just a handful of hours of billable time, that entire form submission process can be reconfigured and automatically routed to the correct store manager based on information the applicants are already providing. As a business owner, your time is valuable. Think of how much money you saved (via opening up more time in your schedule) by going through an additional small development stage. Sure, you could have hired a personal assistant to route all those emails for $30K/year + benefits. Or you could pay a fraction of that cost (and only once!) to extend your existing website to make it work for you. We’re all about creating jobs (check out our recent hires if you don’t believe me) but automation is the key to any successful business when operating at scale.

Our job is to make you successful in everything relating to your marketing needs. Poorly designed website UIs and unnecessary content management are not acceptable in 2015! If you’ve got a website that doesn’t work for you, or is clunky and hard to maneuver, get in touch, and let’s talk about changing things up to make you more successful.

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