American Pest Management

Weapons of Mouse Destruction

American Pest Management Inc, is one of the best-known pest management companies in Manhattan, Kansas. It is growing rapidly in the Wichita market as well, with franchises in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. There is a reason for their growing popularity: they love getting rid of pests and it shows!

The pest technicians at APM wake up every day believing what they do makes a difference in the lives of their customers, which is exactly the way we feel about what we do. Working with people that share similar work ethic and values creates a powerful partnership!


American Pest Management, Inc. faced a few challenges when they came to 502 a few years ago. They had recently opened in Wichita and desperately needed to get their name and brand into ICT homes.

Second, they needed to sell a certain number of specific services in order to keep receiving incentives.

Throughout our relationship, 502's primary focus has been to boost American Pest's online presence in Manhattan and Wichita. We do this through cutting-edge digital ads and extensive SEO efforts on their website. For print advertising, 502 has become a firing board: swiftly creating brochures and rack cards for APM's frequent attendance at tradeshows and community events.



Needing a website update, American Pest Management Inc., came to 502 to freshen their online home. After interviewing the client, 502 discovered that 80-90% of people who requested a free pest evaluation became clients.

Wanting to create an interactive and informative experience for APM's online visitors, we created a smart form that would suggest appropriate pest control programs to the user. The user inputs which pests they are currently concerned about and which pests they may be concerned about at other times in the year. Using this data, the form analyzes what program choice is best for the user's home.



The pest evaluation process was streamlined and technicians had some insight into the problems the homeowner may be facing when they visited for the evaluation.

Digital Advertising

To drive traffic to American Pest Management, Inc.'s new website, 502 used Facebook and Google ads targeting Manhattan, Wichita, and surrounding cities. The ads were seasonal and were based on the pests that current APM customers were struggling with most that season. If APM told us people were calling for ant infestations, we launched ads showing ants crawling across the screen. If rodents, we changed to mice.


More than doubled their website traffic during key months of the year. Overall company sales grew by 5%.


Travis Aggson, Vice President of American Pest Management, Inc.:

"If you are looking for a Marketing Team that is energetic, honest, creative, transparent, and conscientious, 502 Media is the choice. Whether it has been a planned project or a flash campaign, our Team at 502 has stepped up to the plate and given everything they have to exceed our expectations with each project."
Travis Aggson

Brochure & Print Design

As part of our collaboration with American Pest Management Inc. we created a series of rack cards and brochure designs. These visual selling tools allow technicians to quickly and easily explain the benefits of services to customers and prospective clients.

Furthermore, these rack cards are used at tradeshow and networking events to showcase services while offers on the back provide a call-to-action after the event.

A promotional brochure for American Pest Management Inc.

Junior Pest Technicians

Recently launched, American Pest's Junior Pest Technician program has already created a lot of buzz in their industry.

For several years APM has visited local schools to educate children on common insects, but they desired to expand this into a program that could satisfy the kiddos curiosity year round.

Together, 502 and APM brainstormed a fun activity center on the new website for elementary school-aged children. We created a monthly activity calendar featuring games, stories, and coloring pages to help the children learn more about bugs. Certain months, the Junior Pests get activities in the mail. Others, they are pointed to a download on the website, increasing online engagement. Either way, this is a service American Pest is happy to provide to Manhattan and Wichita area children to stoke their curiosity about insects and other common critters they may glimpse in their backyards.

We can’t wait to see what new things we’ll come up with as a team!