Citywide Storage

We've got you covered.

With four locations across the city of Salina, Kansas, Citywide Storage had a lot of brand equity when they came to 502 for rebranding and a new website. So we took their visual identity - known for their dark green color - and modernized it, along with updating the name from Citywide Self-Storage. After our initial research and competitor analysis, we determined there was no need to keep the "self" in "self-storage" because customers already understood the concept of a storage facility. Losing that extra classifier meant more space on signage, which meant easier to read signs. A win for all.

The biggest change came from the website update. With a completely custom-built back-end, Citywide Storage users are now able to reserve any unit at any location online. This has increased their closure rate to 75% within the first seven months. Plus, add-on options such as trailer rentals and rental insurance increased as well.

Citywide Storage website
Citywide Storage Trailer