C&W Insurance

Rejuvenating a Wealth of History in a Modern Era

Charlson & Wilson, a local independent insurance agency, approached us with the desire to update their web presence. They felt the out-dated appearance of their site didn't reflect who they were and the service they provide.

Throughout our discovery process, it became clear that an updated website wouldn't solve this identity crisis. The story went deeper than that: Charlson & Wilson was internally struggling with their positioning.

By diving into the history of Charlson & Wilson - who they've been and who they want to be - we were able to make recommendations on branding, website presence, and future marketing techniques to help set a foundation as they moved forward with their new updated brand.



Through research and discovery, 502 worked alongside Charlson & Wilson to rebrand the company to C&W. It was important to showcase the rich history of the founders who made Charlson & Wilson what it is today, but also appeal to a variety of demographics.

By overhauling their entire brand identity, C&W was able to strengthen their position as they move into a new era and connect with the next generation of Manhattanites. And, once they defined who they were, style decisions for their website and other communication pieces came easy.



Basing the design off a new and polished brand--- the C&W website reflected trust and integrity: the values that C&W represent to their customers on a daily basis. We focused the site's main objectives on their most important conversions such as submitting claims and contacting their agents. and showcasing C&W as one of the most knowledgeable and caring agencies around.

A mockup of 2 laptops displaying the C&W website
Webpages of the C&W website