Florence Corporation

Growth Through Grit & Steel

Florence Corporation, the industry-leading mailbox design company with an established history, was looking for a manufacturing marketing partner. Someone who wasn't afraid to get their hands dirty; someone who hashed out concepts and campaigns with them, not for them.

502 has a culture of listening. It is the first step in our onboarding process and it's something we believe has immense value. Florence is the expert in their field for a reason. Instead of treating them like an outside entity, we engaged with them and brought them into our culture. We have forged a powerful collaboration with their internal marketing staff that has yielded fertile ground for ideation. Together, we've produced some amazing things, including a powerful culture video, an effective industry newsletter and a new website rebuilt from the ground up.

No idea is too big with partnerships like this!

Crafting A New Web Experience

Elegant manufacturing marketing is different than traditional marketing. 502 took the insights of this industry into account for Florence Corporation's website redesign.

Florence Corporation approached 502 with wanting to completely overhaul their website to create a streamlined user experience where visitors can quickly build products to their desired specifications and educate themselves on centralized mail delivery.

After doing extensive research, we identified what their current site did great and capitalized on their features, efficiencies, and offerings.


We were able to create a completely new and innovative website experience that highlights why Florence Mailboxes and built tough and easy to use.

Manufacturing marketing is a different animal. This elegant website redesign for Florence Corporation addresses the challenges manufacturers face when they are talking about complex products that are designed for extremely specific purposes.


Video is a popular storytelling tool - and for good reason. Florence has been utilizing video for everything from internal training videos, to technical product videos and in this case, a promotional corporate image video.

Video is extremely versatile. Florence builds a feeling of pride and connection by sharing this video at company functions while using it to spark interest in potential clients or dealers as an internet commercial.

"What Makes Us" - Corporate Image Video


Technical Product Videos