Kansas Kirk’s Garden Works

Package Design From the Ground Up

Kansas Kirk is a proud Kansan who was born and raised in the unincorporated town of Neuchatel. His passion for the environment and sustainable farming first led him to grow organic vegetables, but he eventually transitioned from food to fertilizer. Kirk handcrafted every building integral to his operation and started vermicomposting in 2017. He tasked 502 with developing a go-to-market strategy for his worm castings product, and the first step was to create a brand name and visual identity. It was clear that the most authentic brand image was Kirk himself, and this led to a custom caricature and the nickname "Kansas Kirk". After designing the logo and packaging, marketing collateral followed, including: videos, social media content, print pieces, and an e-commerce ready website.

Kansas Kirk's Garden Works Sales Collateral and Website
Kansas Kirk's Garden Works Bag Art