Kansas Pork Association

Virtual Field Trip with Video

Kansas Pork Association's mission is to promote pork while enhancing the success of the Kansas pork industry. However, with ease of access to information - including inaccurate information - pork farmers face increasing critique from online bloggers. In an effort to show what pork farms truly look like, the KPA aimed to introduce pork farms in schools to one of their audiences' most important influencers: their children. Unfortunately budgets do not allow for on-location field trips which would have provided a first-hand look at an authentic Kansas pork farm.

To substitute that in-person experience, KPA approached 502 to help create a virtual field trip that could be as entertaining and educational as the real deal.

The result was a short video with host Harper who guides viewers through her own field trip to a Kansas pork farm. In action, this video was supported with a live stream Q&A session with a real Kansas pork farmer at the conclusion of the video. Thanks to the virtual field trip experience, KPA was able to reach students across the entire state with the same message, and teachers loved the supplemental educational materials.