Modern Assessor

Clarity Is Kindness

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the role of Appraisers and the role they play in setting property taxes for homeowners. Appraisers are often looked at as the bad guys. They get questions like “Why are my property taxes so high?! Why is my value different than my neighbors?!” When in reality, Appraisers have no role in the setting of taxes and gain nothing from higher property values.

Our local county appraiser was tired of the stigma. It was causing confusion and required significant staff time and resources to field questions about the appraisal process and review tax appeals continuously.

They needed a way to communicate a complicated process to homeowners, taxpayers and legislators alike to help eliminate the general confusion about the property appraisal process.

High Level Strategy

We decided an explainer video that walked the viewer through the process of the appraisals and answered some of the frequently asked questions that taxpayers had during the process was a new way to solve an old problem. The video showcased Appraisers doing their job in creating a fair and equitable taxes, no longer the bad guys -- they are taxpayers just like you and me!

A complicated situation was simplified for anyone to understand in just a few minutes and the results were tremendous.

Explainer Video


Our local county Appraiser showcased the video on his website and his tax appraiser forms. His staff directed disgruntled phone calls to the three-minute explainer video. By the end of the tax appraisal season, the number of upset callers had dropped significantly and fewer tax appeals were filed than years prior, saving time and resources the county could put towards other ventures.

Not only did Riley County benefit from this resource but states and counties around the world did (and still do) as well. The work was submitted to the International Association of Assessing Officers Marketing Awards, and we continue to customize videos for counties/jurisdictions all over the United States.

of appraisal specific information retained through Modern Assessor video


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Spreading The Knowledge

Once we saw the positive response our local appraiser received, we decided to offer the video to a wider audience. We wanted to help make appraiser's life a little easier while giving homeowners more clarity about their taxes. To date, we have sold videos to appraisers across the United States. We customize each video per appraiser and county so it feels personal for their constituents.


To help spread the word about the clarity that Modern Assessor offers, we created a website. The Modern Assessor website helped to educated other appraisers out there how easy our videos can engage their communities and allowed for them to get a quote on developing their own Modern Assessor video.


Print & Branding Collateral

To showcase what Modern Assessor offered, we attended the IAOO national conference as a tradeshow vendor. To explain the benefits of the video, we created print pieces and brochures that attendees could pick up in the booth.