SMH Consultants

Making Engineering Sexy

SMH is a civil engineering and land surveying firm based in Manhattan facing a unique recruiting challenge. They're located in the same town as a first-class engineering college, which provides a great pool of talent to draw from, but also find themselves competing for talent with firms from larger metropolitan areas like Kansas City, Denver and Dallas.

SMH came to 502 looking for a new way to attract the attention of students at events like career fairs and delivering new ideas that solve problems effectively is what we love to do.

VR Career Fair Experience

For this booth, 502 created a virtual reality experience that students could interact with, along with a new booth design and handouts. Designing it was fun but watching the students intentionally seek out the SMH booth in droves to try it out and take an SMH VR headset home, along with a great recruiting experience, was even better.

Engineering proposal and virtual reality headset for attracting prospective clients
Woman at engineering job fair booth viewing 360 video in vr headset
man trying vr headset at engineering job fair

Marketing Collateral

SMH was also looking to boost their marketing collateral and create engaging and informative pieces that demonstrate the unique and innovative thinking that they possess.

Telescoping Brochure

We created a telescoping brochure for SMH that detailed their products and services in a step-by-step narrative that you can physically feel. With the use of aerial photography, the brochure was also a great way to showcase SMHs recent and past projects.

A sliding brochure developed for SMH consultants

Proposal Design

Request for Proposal opportunities were highly competitive for SMH, so they needed eye-catching proposals that stood out from the stack, but still met strict formatting parameters within tight deadlines. We developed a content strategy to present rigid information in a visually-appealing way.

3 rows of SMH proposals